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September 1, 2006

I had 2 abortions. Everyday I wish I never did that.
I was a coward and did not have the courage to have my babies.
I am a Catholic. I go to church and ask God to forgive me.
But I can't go to confess and ask the priest for forgiveness.
Thank you for listening
Rosa S.


Lobo said...

I pray for you. You need to forgive yourself first. Big sins, yes but we need to realize the value of life through our mistakes and sins. That's the person you were at the time (more ego, selfish, not finding other ways that save babies, etc.) but you are not that person now. You are not perfect (join the club) and you still sin (as we do too) but now you realize what many other women do not realize or yet believe - you can be an example of a woman realizing the value of life and the unborn. Tranform your life and let God help you get through your guilty feelings and condemnation of yourself.

We need you as an example so we are reminded and to help other women thinking of doing the same things with their babies. Forgive yourself, seek the Sacraments, especially Confession, and hold your head high as the woman you can be. Too much guilt stops love from getting through. You stop it since you don't think you can be forgiven or are worthy of forgiveness. If you're not God then you don't make the rules and I know God forgives you so get on with it - forgive you.

Erich said...

Rosa......Ask GOD for forgiveness. We are human, and make mistakes. You are precious in the sight of God, and He loves you, and WILL forgive you if you ask. Don't live with this. This is what the devil wants you to live with for the rest of you rlife, and go to hell, being unforgiven....please.

Eric said...

I had a Catholic girlfriend for about 4 years. She taught me that the priests are only supposed to teach and relay what our creator truly thinks. He is forgiving - and that's what matters. Your regret and the knowledge that you would do things different now show that you've grown. He will no doubt not only forgive you, but even bless you. I believe G-d created the world to bestow kindness on us and for us to learn to do the same towards each other. I hope I helped to ease your pain a little - but I wrote it not to make you feel better so much as because its true. Eric

Anonymous said...

God forgives you; why does it matter whether or not a priest forgives you? You are forgiven by a loving God; now, you have permission to move on with your life and contribute love and bring peace to others. Smile now!

Anonymous said...

Rosa, Rosa, Rosa.

An understanding God would never have condemned you the way you have punished yourself all this time.

I would imagine these experiences have changed your views of the world. Through those hard choices and lonely, unsupported times you have found amazing strength and compassion for others.

Remember who you were then with the same compassion and care you would give a stranger in those circumstances now.

Forgive yourself for being so alone in your time of need.