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Welcome to Project Forgiveness. Here, we collect and post videos, emails, postcards and other expressions of regret from those who seek to forgive and from those who wish to express regret.

In the days leading up to the Jewish New Year, we offer this forum as a first step. It is our hope that sharing thoughts of forgiveness online will translate into actual forgiveness between individuals in the days to come.

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August 12, 2006

I am sorry for blaming you for my second marriage gone wrong. It was wrong of me to spread rumors and make up stories to make myself look good and make you, an innocent bystander, look bad. The marriage was falling apart and I just went to find an outlet, someone or something to blame for it and you were there.

Please forgive me, I was 110% wrong! I am also sorry for my sister calling you and saying all those bad things. I am wrong, I am sorry!

--UWS Single Again


Anonymous said...

what a brave post. i hope it brings you peace.

Alfred Dukes said...

Word are serious weapons. Regret and asking for forgivness unfortunatly do not change the damege it causes. It is like tearing a pillow full of feders and trying to collect them from all over the wind has blowm them. Actions are the only one which can repair the damege. We Jews are commanded not to keep grudges and return hate. It is not for us to forgive, it is for him to prove for himself and for the world with positive actions his regret, thus changing his image. He should not forget that the profet in whom he belives in, was a Jewish Rabbi who preached love and not hatred.

Anonymous said...

Alfred - your post seems to be misplaced... I think you intended it for under Gibson's comments.