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In the days leading up to the Jewish New Year, we offer this forum as a first step. It is our hope that sharing thoughts of forgiveness online will translate into actual forgiveness between individuals in the days to come.

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August 12, 2006

Forgive: From Miami


Anonymous said...

Miami - are you willing to fight for it now? Is the sorry a door closed or a new begining?

From Miami said...

I fought for a few months up until the end because I realized that the other person did not fight at the end; they seemed distant when I asked them to forgive me. The two people have to care about each other in order for a relationship to work. I know I did my part to make things right, but to tell you the truth I do not know if it is a door closed or a new beginning.

Is this a question just out of curiosity or because you are in a similar situation?

Truthfully, long distance relationships are difficult to maintain when two people barely know each other, and are not seeing each other at all. For some people it works becuase they really know it is right, and because it is a blessing from Hashem that they be together. I guess this person and I do not share this, but then again time will tell.

I hope I answered your question as best as I could. :)