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Welcome to Project Forgiveness. Here, we collect and post videos, emails, postcards and other expressions of regret from those who seek to forgive and from those who wish to express regret.

In the days leading up to the Jewish New Year, we offer this forum as a first step. It is our hope that sharing thoughts of forgiveness online will translate into actual forgiveness between individuals in the days to come.

How to participate? It's simple. Send us your "sorry" (upload a video to youtube and send us the link) or email us at: forgiveness or mail to:

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We accept postcards, emails, powerpoint, art, music, video and more!

August 11, 2008

Lee Israel's "Can You Ever Forgive Me?: Memoirs of a Literary Forger" was featured on this morning's The TakeAway.

A review on reads, "Barely repentant and witheringly funny, Israel recalls her short life of literary crime as, first, the forger of signed letters by such personages as Dorothy Parker, Noel Coward, and Louise Brooks, and then, more desperately, an out-and-out thief of such documents, all for resale to dealers and collectors."

Does fessing up make someone worthy of forgiveness, or is true "repentant" attidude required?

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