Project Forgiveness 2009

Welcome to Project Forgiveness. Here, we collect and post videos, emails, postcards and other expressions of regret from those who seek to forgive and from those who wish to express regret.

In the days leading up to the Jewish New Year, we offer this forum as a first step. It is our hope that sharing thoughts of forgiveness online will translate into actual forgiveness between individuals in the days to come.

How to participate? It's simple. Send us your "sorry" (upload a video to youtube and send us the link) or email us at: forgiveness or mail to:

Project Forgiveness
P.O. Box 5134
Bergenfield, NJ 07621

We accept postcards, emails, powerpoint, art, music, video and more!

July 28, 2008

1 comment:

ha-Nahash said...

This apology could have come from my ex-girlfriend, except that I know from the date it was published that it didn't. She felt the exact same, and said so in nearly the same words. She didn't ask forgiveness of me, though; that would be too painful for her.
This apology helped me to forgive her anyway.